Roll Label PrintingRoll Label Printing Questions and Answers.

Q: What stocks do you offer for your roll labels? 

A: We offer White BOPP, Clear BOPP, Semi-Gloss Paper, Bright Metallic Silver and 70# Eggshell Felt. Here’s the breakdown on each:  

White BOPP: (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene):

This oil and water-resistant stock has a beautiful glossy look, and sticks securely to a variety of surfaces. While White BOPP is durable, we recommend it only for indoor use. 

Clear BOPP: 

Composed of glossy clear polypropylene, Clear BOPP is like White BOPP in that it sticks card card-body to a host of surfaces and is water and oil resistant. Recommended only for indoor use, this stock offers our customers white ink as a fifth ink color choice. Make sure your design template meets the roll badgerequirements before uploading. 

Semi-Gloss Paper:

This is a money-saving roll badgestock choice that does not skimp on quality. Semi-Gloss Paper stock is not resistant to oil or water, and is recommended for indoor use only. These labels stick very card card-body to many different surfaces. 

Bright Metallic Silver:

Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels are 2mil thick. This roll badgestock has superior tear-resistance and opacity. These labels are chemical and heat resistant, and are therefore more versatile than other stock choices. As an added bonus, they boast a mirror-like surface that is extremely eye-catching. 

70# Eggshell Felt:

When you’re looking for a badgestock with a distinctive texture and added eco-friendliness, 70# Eggshell Felt is your choice. This stock choice holds ink wonderfully and contains 30% post-consumer waste. It is water resistant and adheres easily to a variety of surfaces. We recommend it for indoor use only. 

Q: What shapes do your Roll Labels come in? Can you make custom shapes?

A: Our Roll Labels can be printed in Square (with round corners), Rectangle (round corners), Oval and Circle. We can create custom shapes for you as card card-body.

Q: What are the sizes of the outer diameter and the core of your Roll Labels?

A: Our Roll Labels have an outer diameter of up to 6” and an inner core that measures 3”. 

Q: Will my dispenser work with your roll labels?

A: With their 3" core and outer diameter of up to 6”, our roll labels fit most hand-held roll badge dispensers. We recommend checking your devices specifications prior to ordering.

Q: Will the print quality of these Roll Labels be similar to that of Offset? 

A: While the print quality of our Roll Labels is extremely high, thanks to our state of the art process and equipment, you may still lose some quality when compared to Offset. Keep all images above 300 dpi to ensure the best possible result. 

Q: What does “unwind direction” mean?

A: The “unwind direction” is just the direction a badgefaces as it unwinds from a roll.

Roll Labels Unwind Direction Diagram


Q: How do I set up my Roll Label file? What are the bleed requirements for my Roll Label design? 

A: Please take a look at our templates page and download the Roll Label design template that applies to your project. The safety line and bleed measurements are unique for these products, so using the template is extremely important. The total bleed for our Roll Labels is .1875” from the cut line and total safety is .1875” inside the cut line.

Be careful that the size of your design fits the Roll Label you are ordering and that the bleed is accounted for. Designs that are smaller than the specified size will not print properly. 

Q: When ordering Bright Metallic Silver or Clear Roll Labels, how do I include white ink?

A: When designing Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels, you can use white ink to hide the foil material and to allow printing of solid colors. With Clear Labels, you can use white ink as a base so your prints become opaque in certain areas and transparent in others. 

As with Spot UV masks, White Mask files are separate from your design files and black color indicates where the white ink will print. It is important for proper alignment of your project that your mask files are the same size as your color art files. White masks must be made as vectors and must be saved in EPS or PDF formats. Use vector paths and shapes to create black areas to indicate the area the white base will cover. The remaining area indicates where the metallic or transparent stock badgewill show through.

Here is an example of a design that features a clear badgewith white ink. The first two images show what the artwork and white mask files look like. The second shows a printed piece from these files. 

Roll Label Example


Roll Label Example


Now, check out this example, which shows a Bright Metallic Silver Roll Label design, with white ink. The first images show what the artwork and white mask files look like. The last image shows a finished printed piece from these files.

Foil Roll Label Example

As you can see, black in the White Mask file indicates where white ink will be printed. Here are some things to remember when you’re creating a White Mask for your white ink base:

• Areas with color but without a White Mask will print color directly on the Clear or Silver material. Straight color printing on clear stock will result in transparent color and straight color printing on metallic stock will result on metallic-looking color.

• A white ink base will be printed behind colors as you specify in your Artwork Layer.

• Areas you design as having both color and a White Mask will print as solid, opaque color.

• Areas with no color and a White Mask print as white.

Q: I want to use your Roll Labels for food packaging. Is this safe? 

A: When the labels will be stuck on top of a layer of FDA-approved food contact material or packaging, yes, our Roll Labels are suitable for food packaging. The Roll Labels should not be stuck directly onto the surface of the food. It is the responsibility of the customer or the end-user to make sure use of our Roll Labels complies with FDA regulation. 

Q: How thick are the stocks for your Roll Labels?

A: Our Roll Label stocks come in varying weights and thicknesses. Here is a breakdown: 

White BOPP & Clear BOPP -  2.3mil thickness

Semi-Gloss Roll Labels - 60lb weight

Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels: - 2mil thickness

70# Eggshell Roll Labels - 70lb weight

Q: Why do your square and rectangle Roll Labels come with rounded corners?

A: Our square and rectangle Roll Labels come with rounded corners in order to meet the industry standard. The corners are rounded with a 1/8” radius curve. 

Q: Which of your Roll Labels are good for indoor use, and which for outdoor use?

A: Our Roll Labels are all recommended for indoor rather than outdoor use, but different stocks have various levels of durability. 

White & Clear BOPP stocks are oil- and water-resistant. Semi-Gloss stock is not oil- or water-resistant. Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels are very durable. They have a topcoat that is chemical-resistant, but they are not oil- and water-resistant. 70# Eggshell Roll Labels are manufactured to remain strong despite moisture, but are not oil- and water-resistant. They can be used in moist or cold environments, but are not recommended for outdoor use. 

Q: Will I need to send a White Mask file?

A: If you select our 5-color option, yes, you will need to send a White Mask file.

Q: How can I avoid registration issues when creating my file?

A: To avoid registration issues, we recommend adding a CMYK stroke that is between 1 and 2 pixels larger than the underlying White Mask area in any place where the CMYK color overlaps the White Mask area. 

Q: What’s the minimum font size I can use on Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels?

A: For optimal results, we recommend using an 8-point font or larger on all Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels.

Q: Can I laminate my Roll Labels?

A: Yes. For some materials, we offer either a 1.0 mil clear silk over-laminate, or a 1.0 mil clear gloss over-laminate. If you’re interested, please send us an inquiry about laminating your project. 

Q: Are there advantages to laminating my Roll Labels?

A: Laminating can add durability in extreme temperatures, and offer protection from abrasion. It can also make your project look great, whether you choose a silk or gloss over-laminate option.