3D Lenticular Greeting Cards Printed with New Effects like Morph, Zoom, Full Animated, and True 3D Effect.
  • Printed on a 20mil Lenticular Lens.
  • 3D Lenticular on 1 Side / Full Color Printing on Back
  • Available in increments of 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000+.
  • Up to 20 animated frames available. 2-4 is suggested. Less is more
  • 1 design only. Sorry No order splitting.
  • Ready to ship in 22-24 business days *
  • Need a custom quote? Please fill out our custom Quote Form.
  • If you are submitting your own files for printing and choose rounded corners do not include rounded corners in your art. Please submit your files as a standard rectangle. We will know to round the corners.

3D Lenticular Greeting Cards

Now make your greeting cards move, run, swim, surf or blow out candles with the lenticular printing option. Ideas are brought to life with the 3D printing option on lenticular greeting cards. These images focus on light and various sets of strips on the surface of the card; then are magnify whatever the image is there. When you view the 3D lenticular image from different angles, the illusion of moving is created. This means that your 3D lenticular postcard can be used as a flip book to show a series of actions.

- Print ready artwork required .pdf or .jpg files are fine
- Design Fee - Virtual proof included. No design fee on re-order.
- 3D cards do have a production time of up to 24 working days after proofs are approved.
Amazing 3D new technology greeting cards custom printed to your concepts and ideas. Special lenticular printing produces images with an illusion of serious in-depth, it brings 2 dimension images to real 3D life. These Elite Flyers brand new printing products have never been seen before. Our Three-Dimensional lenticular images are created using over 4-20 photographs of an object; each at a slightly different angle. The final out put is then matched and laminated with a special high-resolution lenticular lens that creates 3D. Elite Flyers amazing 3D greeting cards are the perfect application of this technology. It brings images to life in motion! This 3D special effect of depth will have you reaching into touch the image just like in a 3 Dimensional movie without requiring special glasses.
Size: 7 x 10 inches 
Flips: 2-3 Flips on the animated flyer - Less is more
Animating favorite images and fascinating sites with lenticular printed greeting cards guarantees your cards will be hung on the refrigerator for a long time to come.
You can choose two or three image flips for elite 3D cards, and print anywhere from 100 to 5,000+. See what flashy, cutting-edge 3D lenticular cards can do for your business – order today!

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7 x 10100$ 650.00
250$ 750.00
500$ 925.00
1000$ 1,285.00
2500$ 2,775.00
5000$ 4,775.00

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