Raised Foil Available on One or Two Sides Ontop of Our Thick 16pt Card Stock with a Soft Velvet Laminated Finish.
  • Printed on 16pt card stock and then laminated with a 1.5mil scuff resistant, soft velvet laminate and finished.
  • Raised Foil on 1 Side or Two Sides.
  • Available in increments of 250 and 500.
  • 1 design only. Sorry No order splitting.
  • Ready to ship in 5-7 business days *
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Elite Flyers is excited to announce the printing of Raised Foil Business Cards, the epitome of elegance and sophistication in business card printing. These business cards are not just a means of sharing contact information; they are a statement of quality, luxury, and attention to detail. Printed in full color on our premium 16pt cardstock and laminated with a soft velvet finish, these business cards are designed to leave a lasting impression.

The standout feature of these cards is the raised foil effect, which adds a tactile dimension to the design. The foil is not merely printed onto the card but raised above the surface, creating a texture that you can feel when you run your fingers over it. This unique quality makes the cards more engaging and memorable, setting them apart from standard business cards.  Our Raised Foil Business Cards are crafted from heavy 16pt cardstock, ensuring durability and a substantial feel. The soft velvet lamination enhances the tactile experience, providing a smooth, luxurious finish that exudes professionalism and high standards. The combination of the sturdy cardstock and the velvet lamination results in a card that is not only beautiful but also resilient and long-lasting.

The raised foil effect adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your business cards. Available in a variety of foil colors, including gold, silver, and holographic options, the raised foil can highlight key elements of your design, such as your logo, company name, or other important details. This luxurious feature not only enhances the visual appeal of the cards but also conveys a sense of prestige and quality.

Making a memorable first impression is crucial, and your business card plays a significant role in this. Raised Foil Business Cards offer a unique combination of premium materials, luxurious finishes, and eye-catching design elements that set them apart from standard business cards. The raised foil effect adds a tactile and visual dimension that enhances the overall impact of the card, making it a powerful tool for representing your brand.  Whether you are looking to impress potential clients, stand out at networking events, or convey a sense of luxury and sophistication, Raised Foil Business Cards are an excellent choice. Order your custom printed raised foil business cards from Elite Flyers today and experience the difference that quality and attention to detail can make.

If your still unsure about which business card is right for you; Elite Flyers offers a free sample pack so you can see and feel the quality of our products before making a decision. This pack includes a variety of our business card options, allowing you to compare different finishes, thicknesses, and customization features. By experiencing the quality firsthand, you can make an informed choice that best represents your brand.

If you're looking for business cards that offer a touch of elegance and sophistication without the added cost of raised foil, Elite Flyers' Velvet Business Cards are the perfect solution. These cards provide a luxurious, soft touch finish that is both visually appealing and pleasant to the touch, all at an affordable price point.

Both are known as Velvet Business Cards, or also known as "soft touch" business cards. The smooth, velvety finish not only looks great but also feels unique compared to standard business cards. This tactile difference can leave a memorable impression on potential clients and business partners, making your card – and by extension, your brand – stand out in their minds.

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500$ 345.00

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