Print Full Color Foil Business Cards 16pt Card Stock - UV, Matte or Spot UV Finish.
  • Printed on 16pt cardstock with Full Color Foil on one or two sides.
  • Available in increments of 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000.
  • Available with Full Color Foil, UV, matte finish, or spot UV.
  • 1 design only. Sorry No order splitting.
  • Ready to ship in 5-7 business days *
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  • If you are submitting your own files for printing and choose rounded corners do not include rounded corners in your art. Please submit your files as a standard rectangle. Please select rounded corners in the options.

When you want a business card that says you’re on the cutting edge, full-color foil business cards are your only option. Seriously – these business cards have the coolest look of any other printing process on the market, and that’s why Elite Flyers offers them. These cards are designed to make a bold statement with their unique combination of vibrant colors and metallic foil accents. They are perfect for professionals in the arts, nightlife, design, body art, retail, alternative medicine, fitness, or any other field where making a strong impression is crucial.  

Full-color foil business cards stand out for several reasons: Visual Impact: The combination of full-color printing and metallic foil creates a dazzling effect that catches the eye immediately. The foil accents can highlight important elements of your design, such as your logo, name, or contact information, making them stand out even more. Customization Business Card Options: With full-color foil business cards, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want. You can incorporate a wide range of colors into your design and then add foil accents in various metallic hues, including gold, silver, copper, and more. This level of customization ensures that your business cards will be unique and memorable.  High-Quality Materials: Elite Flyers uses only the highest quality inks, cardstock, and metallic foils for printing full-color foil business cards. The result is a durable, luxurious card that feels substantial in the hand and stands up well to wear and tear.  Versatility: These cards are suitable for a wide range of industries and professions. Whether you're an artist, a designer, a nightclub owner, or a fitness trainer, full-color foil business cards can help you convey your brand’s personality and attract attention.

When designing and printing your full-color foil business cards, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind: Color Choices: Since you have the option to use a wide range of colors, think carefully about your color scheme. Choose colors that reflect your brand’s identity and that will look good with the metallic foil accents. Foil Placement: Decide which elements of your design will be highlighted with foil. Common choices include your logo, your name, and key contact information. The foil should be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming the design. Font Selection: Choose fonts that are easy to read and that complement the overall design. Avoid overly intricate fonts, as they can be difficult to read, especially when combined with foil accents. Layout: Keep the layout clean and uncluttered. Too much information or too many design elements can make the card look busy and detract from the impact of the foil accents.  

Ordering full-color foil business cards from Elite Flyers is easy. Here’s how the process works: Design: Start by creating your design. You can use your own design software or work with Elite Flyers’ design team to create a custom design that meets your specifications. Upload: Once your design is ready, upload it to the Elite Flyers website. Make sure to follow the guidelines for file formats and resolution to ensure the best possible print quality. Select Options: Choose the options for your business cards, including the type of cardstock, the color of the foil, and any additional features such as rounded corners or spot UV coating. Review: Review your order to make sure everything is correct. Double-check the design, the options you’ve selected, and the quantity. Place Order: Once you’re satisfied with your business card design, place it on the right of this page; click: upload arttwork. Your cards will be printed and shipped to you as quickly as possible.

Don't be confused! We offer a free sample pack, you can compare different finishes such as silk lamination, foil stamping, matte, or glossy surfaces. This comparison lets you see how each option reflects light, feels in hand, and presents your brand image. If you're ready to explore your options and clarify any uncertainties, ordering a sample pack from Elite Flyers is a smart next move. It's a small investment that can lead to significant benefits in the presentation and impact of your business cards.

If you're searching for the best value business card that offers quality without breaking the bank, consider Elite Flyers' short run or low quantity business cards. These options typically provide a balance of affordability and customization, making them ideal for various business needs. 

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