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  • Printed on a 21mil Lenticular Lens.
  • 3D Lenticular on 1 Side / Full Color Printing on Back
  • Available in increments of 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000.
  • Up to 20 animated frames available.
  • 1 design only. Sorry No order splitting.
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  • If you are submitting your own files for printing and choose rounded corners do not include rounded corners in your art. Please submit your files as a standard rectangle. We will know to round the corners.

Lenticular business cards - Nothing quite so hot as these 3D cards have come onto the business card market in years! Elite Flyers is thrilled to be able to offer you these business cards and also lenticular postcards with more effects then anyone in the market. Our dynamic 3D cards are shape shifters cooler than anything you’ve seen in any Harry Potter movie or horror flick. As you rotate the 3D lenticular business cards in your hand, the shiny, futuristic-looking image will change, giving you a card that essentially has two, three, or up to 20 images on it instead of one. This is because the lenticular images are digitally interlaced pictures embedded with rows of optical grade mini-lenses. These images focus light on various sets of strips on the surface of the card and magnify whatever image is there. When you view the 3D lenticular image from different angles, the illusion of moving is created. This means that your 3D lenticular business card can be used like a flip-book to show a series of actions.

You can use 3D lenticular business cards to show sporty activity (like the awesome surf design you see on this page) or to show before and after pictures. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you can use your 3D lenticular cards to show a particularly impressive client’s progress. Hair stylists can make similar use of these 3D cards. You can also use 3D lenticular cards to showcase the same message in several languages, or to depict multiple products on one card… but that’s just the beginning. The sky is the limit with these gorgeous and unique 3D cards, and no matter how you use them, they are sure to get a response.

When printing lenticular business cards, We offer a variety of lenticular effects and each one can make your business stand out in the crowd. Here are 6 lenticular effects that are available when ordering your lenticular business cards.

  • True 3D - We live in a world with depth, shadows, and lots to see. Why use just a standard print to show what you specialize in? 3D images are more realistic because they give you the illusion of depth or perspective.  To do it, we use 1-4 stereoscopic images to give your cards a layered 3D effect or a volumetric 3D effect. In both cases, images can show the world within that card.  This effect is one of the most famous and versatile. We recommend that you choose focal points carefully. This should be brighter and bolder against whatever background you choose.
  • Flip - This classic style may be one of the most common lenticular effects, but this does not lessen its power. With this effect, dramatic changes take place with a slight twist of the lenticular business card.  It's done by using multiple images. Each image will “disappear” as another “appears”. This can be beneficial to show cause and effect, before and after, or a process that you may go through to get from start to finish.
  • 3D + Flip - By combining the depth of a 3D image to the flip-style animation, you can have a lenticular business card that's guaranteed to capture interest. It makes the flip have more emphasis.  Using 3D with Flip animations, you can show a dancer performing an action with the audience or a stage behind her. It's done by encoding images so that only certain parts are viewable as the card turns. You can have up to four images in the animation and we will help you bring it together in a card that is truly captivating.
  • Morph - Imagine seeing your starting point morph into a completed project. That is what this lenticular effect can show on your cards. It is most effective to show how dry, flaky skin (alligator skin) can morph into skin that is very healthy for a skincare product or how a dirty home can morph into clean by hiring your cleaning services. It’s done through multiple images and transitions. We use up to 20 unique images to provide a card that morphs from one thing into the next. Tip: To avoid "ghosting" we suggest the start and finish images remain similar in structure. They should also have a common background.
  • Zoom - Zoom makes objects come from the background to the foreground. As you turn the lenticular business card with a zoom effect, your company logo or other images can pop out of the background. We can use up to 20 images with your logo or image that can start out small for the background and then enlarge to give the sensation of it coming forward as the card turns. When the holder turns it the opposite way, the images will retreat into the background.  By using this technique, a fish can swim through water or a horse can run from “over there” to “right here”. Single or multiple focal points can change position if needed. However, it's recommended that you choose lighter tones for the movable object and a darker background that remains stationary.
  • Full Animated Effect - With animation effects, every business card can be a mini-movie. Animated business cards show an action using up to 20 images taken sequentially to tell a story. This story can be anything. The trick is to keep the background consistent so that only the focal point moves. This action should show a clear beginning and end motion to show movements. (A water fountain turning on, a person running, etc.) 

With True 3D or 3D + Flip effects, we offer you the ability to include up to four images. All other options can use up to 20 images. There is no extra cost for multiple images. We print increments anywhere from 100 to 5,000 and up. See what flashy, cutting-edge 3D lenticular cards can do for your business – order today!

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